Future Shows

Saturday 22nd June 2019 Friends International, Courtyard BBQ, "Channel 9" - Main Act,  Three Darned Hot", Tina Ceh’s Singing Group "Blue Garden"
14th Sept, 2019 Charity Show – “Foreign Affairs, MARLIS 2.0 and“Eklectic”. 
26th Oct 2019 Bluesy Cats” - Main Act  - multinational, local, smooth-blues dance band.
7th Dec 2019  "The Happy Gangstas” Main Act , swingers from Dusseldorf
18th Jan 2020 The Ticker Fixers”, Barn Dance with Foyer Food by “Friends International”
7th Mar 2020 Stepping Out” Main Act – great Zaventem band
9th May 2020 The Chaunters” Main Act – multi-national, Luxembourg band
20th June 2020 Courtyard BBQ and “Foreign Affairs” Main Act